protecting your child's head during athletic involvement

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Caring For A Bronze Trophy So It Is Noticed And Appreciated

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If you are the proud recipient of a bronze trophy, you will want to take steps in caring for it properly so others will be sure to notice its gleaming shine when they are nearby. Taking simple steps to maintain the appearance of your newly won award will help keep it in pristine condition so it can be enjoyed for years to come. Here are some steps to follow in caring for a bronze trophy. Eliminating Surface Dirt And Dust Read More»

Holding A Bachelor Party Sports Fans Will Enjoy

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If you are in charge of hosting a bachelor party for a friend, you will want to go out of your way in giving them the best party to celebrate their upcoming marriage. If your friend is not the type who would enjoy going out on the town to a strip club, consider having the party at a local stadium to watch one of the many sporting events offered. Here are some tips you can use to host a bachelor party unlike any other. Read More»

Four Things To Look For When Selecting A Golf Shirt

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The shirt you wear can make the difference between a fun day out on the green, and an uncomfortable afternoon of sweating and itching. When looking for a golf shirt, do not make the mistake of buying based on looks alone, or just buying “for the brand.” Look for the following four qualities, which are essential for a comfortable, functional golf shirt. Breathable material. Just because golf shirts made from cotton still exist does not mean that one should have a place in your closet. Read More»

3 Big Features You Should Look For When Shopping For Badminton Shoes

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Skipping across the court to chase the birdie and make a point is all about agility and performance. Attaining the perfect form to be agile and top-performing enough is all about having the right support on your feet. If you are in the market for a new pair of badminton shoes, you probably already know as an athlete in this sport that not just any tennis shoe will do the trick. Read More»

Washing A Sports Jersey: Important Dos And Don'ts

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Whether you play a sport and have an authentic jersey or even have a replica jersey to support your favorite team, the fact remains that you want to care for the jersey properly. And even though jersey materials are quite durable, they still require some special precautions when it comes to keeping them clean and stain-free. Specifically, there are some dos and don’ts you’ll want to keep in mind as you prepare to launder an athletic jersey. Read More»