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Holding A Bachelor Party Sports Fans Will Enjoy

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If you are in charge of hosting a bachelor party for a friend, you will want to go out of your way in giving them the best party to celebrate their upcoming marriage. If your friend is not the type who would enjoy going out on the town to a strip club, consider having the party at a local stadium to watch one of the many sporting events offered. Here are some tips you can use to host a bachelor party unlike any other.

Pick The Proper Location

For a party to be remembered, purchase club seating instead of regular seating. This allows your group the chance to party in an area away from the common crowd, with all of the amenities needed to have a fun time. Pull out all the stops with a catered event, unlimited cocktails, and close-proximity seating in an enclosure that will protect the group from inclement weather. The party can root for their team in style with a private room to accommodate bridal party guests only.

Hand Out Apparel

Have special sports jerseys made up to mirror the type of apparel worn by whatever team you are watching. Add the last names of each of the guests so they can feel as if they are part of their own team. Hats can also be made for each guest to wear. Make sure to put the words "groom-to-be" on the bachelor's clothing. When the group walks around together, there will be sure to be some congratulatory remarks given, making him feel like a superstar as a result.

Add A Surprise

Alert the management you have a special event going on and see if they would make an announcement during game time. Imagine everyone's surprise when the group is up on the big screen for all other spectators to see. Make sure to alert people back home to record the event if it is televised so the bachelor party can look back at the time they were having when the event is over. 

If possible, find out if any of the players are available for a meet-and-greet session before or after the event takes place. The bachelor and guests will remember the event forever as they would be able to have photographs taken and will have autographs to look back on in later years. Do not spoil the surprise. See if the player can come directly to the club room to shock the bachelor with the ultimate party gift.

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