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3 Big Features You Should Look For When Shopping For Badminton Shoes

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Skipping across the court to chase the birdie and make a point is all about agility and performance. Attaining the perfect form to be agile and top-performing enough is all about having the right support on your feet. If you are in the market for a new pair of badminton shoes, you probably already know as an athlete in this sport that not just any tennis shoe will do the trick. The shoes that are specifically designed for badminton boast much more than basic support and cool colors. There are three big features you should be looking for in an appropriate badminton shoe as a shopper.

Three-Point Foot Support - Most regular shoes offer plenty of support for the arch of the foot, especially athletic shoes. However, shoes that are specifically designed for badminton offer a three-point support system. Badminton involves a lot of bouncing, reaching, and dashing across the court. Your feet need to be supported at the heel, toes, and the arch to prevent slippage inside your shoe. Overly lateral-supporting shoes can cause stress on the ankles with jumps and sudden movements. This form-fitting, three-point cushion design gives you ultimate control over balance and agility as a player.

Soft Rubber Gripping Soles - Grip on the court is vital and will have a direct interaction with how well you can manage to stay stable while you reach for the birdie. Badminton shoes are designed to be lightweight, so the bottom sole is usually made from a soft rubber material. This soft rubber material, usually marked with small open gaps, almost adheres to the surface you stand on when you are applying weight, which means that even slippery courts will be no match for the right badminton shoes.

Cushioned and Deflective Outer Materials - The outer shell of a badminton shoe is much different in composition of most shoes. Lightweight synthetic leather is still used in a lot of cases, but the material is cushioned beneath. Giving your feet protection, but also making the shoe deflective. If something were to fly at your foot at a high rate of speed, like a fast-moving birdie, it would likely bounce right off of your shoe.

It may not seem like shoes in badminton would be such a big concern, but the right shoes can make all the difference in how well you play the game. If you need help shopping for the right shoes to boost your game on the court, be sure to ask plenty of questions while you shop and take the time to get to know the best shoe features.