protecting your child's head during athletic involvement

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Knife-Care Tips for Hikers

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Whether you hike with a simple folding Byrd knife or pack a Swiss army knife or multi-tool, proper care of the blade and tools on the trail is a must if you want to ensure it keeps working well. The following care tips will make it easy to keep your knife in good condition. Tip #1: Keep the gunk out Your knife is bound to collect lint and other debris both from everyday use and from being carried around in your pocket. Read More»

Three Tips To Keep Your Handgun Is Well-Maintained

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There are about 270 million people in the United States who own a gun of some type, with many of those being handgun owners. Some people own handguns for a hobby while others own them for protection. Regardless of your reason for owning a gun, it is a big responsibility that should be taken seriously. Being responsible for a gun means taking proper care of it. Every type of gun requires a different style of cleaning. Read More»

Choosing The Best Cycling Jersey Material

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Cycling is a competitive sport for some, a fierce passion for others, and just light-hearted fun for others. Whatever cycling means to you, one thing is for certain: having the right gear can improve your experience. That’s why you’ll want to compare the bike jersey materials available to you: Merino Wool Merino wool is made from a special breed of sheep. It looks fashionable and feels great to the touch. It is not scratchy like many other types of wool you may have worn. Read More»