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Three Tips To Keep Your Handgun Is Well-Maintained

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There are about 270 million people in the United States who own a gun of some type, with many of those being handgun owners. Some people own handguns for a hobby while others own them for protection. Regardless of your reason for owning a gun, it is a big responsibility that should be taken seriously. Being responsible for a gun means taking proper care of it. Every type of gun requires a different style of cleaning. Whether you have a shotgun, handgun, or rifle, you need to understand what products should be used and the right way to clean it. When it comes to handguns, you have revolvers and pistols. Both require a slightly different type of care to ensure they are safe and working properly. Here are some tips to get you started.  

Wipe it Down Often

Whether you carry your handgun with you daily or leave it in the safe for when it is needed, it is very likely that your handgun is going to collect dust from time to time. While the gun itself may not be dirty, it can still get dust and lint inside of it. The best way to clean the dust and lint is to wipe it down once you have removed the wheel gun. You will not have to use a cleaner unless it is dirty. 

Keep It Holstered

When you want to take care of your gun, you have to be careful about where you are going to place it when not in use. Keeping it in your pocket will only attract lint that is hidden in your pocket. If you plan on carrying it on you, you should have it in a holster that won't have as much lint in it as your pocket does. If you do not plan on keeping it on you, you want to keep it in a clean safe so dust from the air does not get into the gun. 

Lubricate Your Gun

If you really want your handgun to operate seamlessly, then you will want to make sure you lubricate it. As with any type of oil, lint will be attracted to it so you want to make sure you do not place it in your pocket or you will see a lot more lint on it. Once you have lightly oiled it, you will want to allow it to dry first before carrying it around. Heavy greases will be much more thicker and attract more debris than light oils. Use an oil that is made specifically for the type of handgun you have.