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3 Future Bets You Can Make On The NFL Season

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The NFL has hundreds of different ways to bet on games, players, and outcomes. Even as you wait for the season to officially start, you can get your football picks in early. When you follow expert advice and read up on free football picks, you have the opportunity to make future bets on several NFL outcomes.

Check out some of the future bets available and ways to use football picks today to help plan and make the best decisions.

1. Super Bowl Winners

Before the pre-season even begins, you have the opportunity to take your shot and predict the future Super Bowl winners. With the Super Bowl so far away from the start of the season, the odds will typically be greater and provide bigger payouts if you win.

When you study free football picks, you can see the potential front-runners for the Super Bowl and what teams have the best odds to make it to the big game. The Super Bowl winner bets will give you a lot to root for each week through the NFL season.

2. Divisional Rival Games

Each team in the NFL plays other teams in their division two times throughout the season. You can make multiple bets based on the division rival games. For example, you could bet how many games within a division a team will win or if they will win at least a certain amount of games. You could bet that the New York Giants will win at least three division games.

The odds vary and depend on how many winning games you choose. When you read through stats on football picks today, you can compare teams, see their outlook, and make an educated guess when you place your bet.

3. Player Predictions

A lot of football picks focus on individual players and you could make future bets based on specific players. For example, you could place an over-under bet on how many touchdowns a quarterback will throw throughout the whole season. If you want the bet to end sooner, then you could look for bets that cover just the first couple of games.

Other options include rushing yards for running backs, sacks for defensive players, and field goals for kickers. Football picks will analyze stats from the previous season along with the preseason and training camp reports based on specific players.

When you put some research into your future bets, you could see them pay off in big ways if the bet is a success.