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Gheenoe For Sale: Fishing Boats For Inshore Giants

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If you're looking for a gheenoe for sale this winter, you're probably in the market for fishing boats that can help you catch inshore giants.

Here are some of the modifications you can make to gheenoes for sale to help you catch trophy inshore fish.

Going Stealth

When you're looking for fishing boats that can navigate skinny waters, having the ability to quietly sneak up on monster fish can require a bit of modification.

  • Poling Platforms: When the tide drops and the water drains out of a flat, it can be critical to sneak into productive areas without firing up an engine or trolling motor. An important modification you can make to fishing boats is a poling platform. These platforms can be mounted on the bow or stern of the boat and provide a number of advantages. First, you can quickly survey the surrounding waters to sight fish and other submerged topography. Second, you can use the platform to generate more leverage with your wading pole. When choosing a wading platform, it's important to consider both the length and width of your boat. For most fishing boats for sale, you'll want a poling platform that splits the difference between the length width. Choosing a poling platform of this height will ensure stability while also maximizing performance.
  • Hydro Anchor: Having the ability to quickly lock into a fishing spot can mean the difference between catching and missing fish in skinny waters. To help you lock into a spot quickly and silently, you should consider installing a hydraulic anchor. These systems involve driving a graphite spike into the bottom to effectively pin your boat in skinny water fishing situations. When choosing a hydraulic anchor it's important to consider the average depths you consistently fish. For instance, if most of your fishing trips are in less than 10 feet of water, you can save yourself some deck space and cost by choosing a hydraulic anchor that's less than 10 feet.

Going Fast

Just because you fish in skinny waters doesn't always mean that you don't need to cover water quickly.

  • Planing Boards: Getting your boat on plane allows you efficiently travel, even in shallow conditions. You can easily modify fishing boats for sale by installing planing boards, which allow you to put your boat in plane at slower speeds. This can be a critical modification if you're opting for a fishing boat with a smaller motor.