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Player Assessment Apps For Baseball And Soccer

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Sports analytics are more advanced and intuitive than ever. Statisticians, coaches, players, and managers alike are able to glean valuable player performance information without having to do to much work themselves. That is, the computers (your smartphone application) do all of the work and help you determine what stats are valuable and relevant. There are a number of player evaluation apps for smartphones and tablets. Of course, these can be used to popular applications on the Internet or desktop computers. Of course, the best actual app does depend on what sport you are involved in. This article explains how players evaluation apps can be used for soccer and baseball.

Baseball Player Performance

Baseball and soccer are two very different sports. Baseball performance ratings are far easier to quantify. For instance, OBP (on-base percentage) and RBIs (runs batted in) are definite numbers that can be easily compared to other players, thereby returning valuable information about a player's skills, abilities, specialties, and value to a team.

Fans and team managers have been measuring and analyzing baseball player performance for decades. For instance, even baseball cards have player stats printed right on the backs.

Soccer Player Performances

With soccer, on the other hand, it is far more difficult to quantify a player's performance. While it is easy to measure a player's goals, tackles, complete passes, assists, and distance traveled, it is hard for statisticians to glean serviceable info from these stats. That is, a defender will hardly ever score goals, as that is not their job. So, you cannot simply look at these numbers and definitely determine a player's utility. With soccer, the manager's tactics have a bigger impact on what stats matter. For instance, if completes a lot of passes, but they are only in his own half and/or they are just from side to side, that does not mean that player is going to be able to provide assistance for that manager's style of play.

This is where player assessment applications come into play. Modern applications can analyze a player's overall utility from position to position, and from various team formations. A player who might be over-performing on his current team with a 4-4-2 formation might struggle to produce the same numbers on a team with a 2-3-3 formation. But, modern apps can help analyze this info and compare possible performances within different formations and styles of play.

Basically, player performance apps are great for every sport, from baseball to soccer. For more information, contact a company like PEM Application Tools.